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This revised a la carte menu of Deerfield Fly Rods reflects a yearlong odyssey of natural selection. Indeed, we use this famous Darwinian dictum in much the same spirit as when it was first published (1859), only here, anglers did the selecting. In the same way, we know that rising trout do not feed randomly but invariably focus on a certain species of fly, or even more precisely, a definite size within that hatch: species-specific!

Six or Seven - Mode PowerPoint Ceramic

Our multi-faceted PowerPoint concept, often going to six or seven modes with three inserts, aroused interest but more often than not, drew comments like, “I don’t need all that. You don’t have to fish a spring creek with so many light lines. The only iteration I want is that eight-footer for four-weight.”


The other caveat was the five-piece design. To our surprise, most traveling anglers have now calibrated all their packable gear to four-piece cases. Anything under thirty inches is short enough to fit in most duffles or a large suitcase.

Four - Mode PowerPoint

Four-piece. Fair enough. Even seems like old times when our Side-by-Side Power Paks led the way in the 80s to the four-piece norm of today. Using our standard nine-inch inserts for the tip and mid-section, the results have been no less compelling with even more modulus for distance casting.

Each model lists a basic rod, a mid-insert mode, a tip-insert mode and a four-mode combo.All appear with their respective length and line weights with a separate purchase button for those picky species-specific anglers.

Deerfield Fly Rods Payment Methods

And maybe best of all, it won’t cost anyone a dime to try something for ten days with our trial offer. We include return postage and an address label with every rod. If you are not completely satisfied, return the rod and we will issue an immediate refund. Our PayPal system also handles credit card buys via a PayPal invoice we send you which is also refundable.

Fair deal for a great rod! All Deerfields feature our new super-light Alconite ceramic guides that are underwrapped for superior fish-fighting strength. Flor cork grips are turned and filled to a creamy-smooth finish. The black uplocking skeleton reel seat has a handsome burl wood insert like madrone, California buckeye or amboyna. All rods come packed in an aluminum case and flannel bag with a cue card for easy mode-specific assembly.

Thanks for Listening

And for those remaining multi-mode enthusiasts, who would rather be overprepared, our five-piece series, which lends itself perfectly to switch-rod modes with a three-inch extension butt, remains available with the same a la carte options. So, give us a call. Tell us your needs. And thanks for listening.

Best always, Dave Sylvester, prop.

34 Clark Way, Southfield, MA 01259